October 6th

Sun, October 5th, 1986 – Mrs Deschenes here for dinner & pm. Monday still very weary & worked at quilt pieces (floral emblems) all day.

Sunday, October 6th, 2013 – C is here for the weekend and has been busy cooking and doing domestic things so I can focus on schoolwork (somewhat). Unfortunately this morning included a visit to the walk-in clinic as she was having problems with one of her eyes. She got some drops and it seems to be doing better. I am working on ideas and what to do with your diaries, Grandma, while I sit and watch the birds come to the feeder. Chickadees seem to exert so much energy, flying back and forth to the feeder for one seed at a time, that I am not sure how they get enough to maintain their energy.

I remember getting the quit you reference here, Grandma. I too am working on a quit of sorts. I think it is kind of my way giving something back to you. I wonder what you would have thought of it. I will post photos when it is done.

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