October 7th

October 7th, 1952 – G went to school at noon. Dalton boys over at night to discuss students, etc.. Rev. Carter here – got stuck turning around. Lorna up for milk. Fallis & A got our cattle out of pasture & called at Bill Miller’s. Here for supper.

October 7th, 2013 – Up very early to take C to the airport. Decided to head to school early and was there before 6:45am. It felt good to put in over eight hours and still be able to leave shortly after 3pm (too bad I wasn’t an early bird like that every morning!). It was a good day. Stitched together my first quilt piece and prepped images and materials to print more of the quilt later this week. Went to a curling supply store on the way home from school. Got a broom and beginner foot ware for a introductory class I am going to start later this week. It will be good to start moving my body soon. I’ve been too sedentary lately. I will do some readings tonight and I should probably get the dishes done, though they may have to wait for another day or so. We will see.