October 11th

Tuesday, October 11th, 1983 – Great confusion over Craig getting a new bicycle to replace one stolen. Glenn got a marking electric device to put SS No. on it & many things in the house.

Friday, October 12th, 2013 – Funny, I remember that day. It was such a big deal for dad to get that tool (an early dremmel tool?) I remember him marking almost anything of value. Except I don’t remember you being there, Grandma. Were you or did you just hear about it over the phone?

Good day here. Made some paper. Did some errands. Went to curling class but it was cancelled (I missed the first class so I didn’t know it had been cancelled). Had a good talk with C on the phone. A relatively quiet day. It was a warm, breezy day but it has cooled a bit and the rains have started.