October 14th

Tuesday, October 14th, 1947 – Jean & Mary J. here for dinner & went on to Aunt J’s. Mrs Rowal (?) over for a walk. I am in a terrible pucker having lost cream envelope.

Monday, October 14th, 2013 – Thanksgiving Day, first one in Winnipeg. It was a quiet day at home with a lovely dinner at a friend’s tonight. I am thankful for new and old friends. It was good to laugh. It’s hard to do that when living on your own.

Did you find the cream envelope?

One thought on “October 14th

  1. I’m sure mom didn’t mean a cream coloured envelope. It would have been the pay envelope from the creamery, with cash, for the previous shipment of cream they would have picked up, probably the week before. The ‘cream man/truck’ came once a week in the winter and I think twice a week in the summer to pick up the raw cream.

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